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    3. R & D


      Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd

      Address: No. 101, Xinxin street, West City, Liaoning (Yingkou)

      Phone: 0417-3335666

      Fax: 0417-3335777

      Web site: www.nonstopgold.com

      Your current position: Home >> R & D >> Production process management

      Raw material

      Selection of high quality alkali free glass balls for raw materials

      (2) strict inspection and screening, pay attention to the roundness and purity of the ball.

      (3) cleaning to prevent impurities mixed in


      Drawing process

      (1) reasonable melting temperature to ensure uniformity and consistency of glass solutions.

      2. The diameter of monofilament is the fundamental property of fiber and controlled between 3.8~5.5um.

      3. During the drawing process, the control of wetting agent formula and coating effect will promote the combination of glass fiber and wetting agent.

      4. Strictly check the process control points to ensure the performance index of the raw silk.


      Spinning process

      (1) the raw silk is processed into a glass fiber yarn with different numbers according to the technological requirements after being dissolved and twisted.

      Secondly, we should pay attention to the uniformity of the number of twists and twists to prevent the loss of the stock. The yarn twist is generally controlled in the national standard, and the yarn with uniform twist can improve the index of the filter cloth.

      3. According to the application of yarn, control the size of twist to ensure uniform twist.

      (4) in order to ensure strength, we usually choose high twist yarn to make glass fiber base.


      Bulking process

      (1) the glass fiber bulgous yarn is the state of the irregular wool, winding and nodule by using the high pressure air to make the continuous fiber tow puffing and deforming through special deformation processing.

      In the process of processing, a bunch or several bundles of continuous fiberglass yarns are fed into a specific nozzle with a certain amount of delivery, and a continuous, stable, clean high pressure air flow is poured into the nozzle to separate the fibers from each other and the tow shoots out of the nozzle in a tension free state, which makes the feeding part irregularly due to the rapid change of speed. The puffing state of the ring, winding, nodule and so on;

      (3) introduce international advanced glass fiber bulking yarn machine and related technology to ensure puffing uniformity.


      Warping process

      The warping process determines the uniformity of meridional tension.

      2. The evenness of meridional tension determines the evenness of cloth surface.

      The advanced warping process is adopted to ensure uniform tension of warp yarn.

      4. The advanced yarn warping machine and reasonable technological parameters will control the yarn tension irregularity within 3%.


      Weaving process

      (1) using advanced air-jet looms and rapier looms to avoid parking marks on the fabric surface.

      The best weft insertion mode ensures the evenness of weft tension.

      (3) optimized weaving process, proper winding tension and reasonable docking mode to ensure evenness and no joint.




      Post treatment process

      (1) Fabrics can be treated by impregnation, extrusion, dehydration, drying, sintering and calendering of chemical raw materials to improve their corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

      (2) accurate temperature and time difference control is the key to PTFE sintering, so as to ensure a dense protective film on the surface of the filter material.

      (3) the surface Teflon thickening and foaming coating. The surface of the filter material forms an expansion corrosion resistant layer, which is hot rolled and shaped at high temperature.


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