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    3. R & D


      Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd

      Address: No. 101, Xinxin street, West City, Liaoning (Yingkou)

      Phone: 0417-3335666

      Fax: 0417-3335777

      Web site: www.nonstopgold.com

      Your current position: Home >> R & D >> Research and development and detection

      Research and development of high and new products

      Since its establishment, Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd  has been adhering to the purpose of technological excellence, and now has 83 patents accepted by the national patent office. Among them, 29 patents have been invented and 60 patents have been obtained. The National 863 project "basalt fiber" has filled the country. A blank in the field of fiber research and production. On this basis, Hong Yuan glass fiber also jointly developed new products with Beijing Union University, Northeastern University, Kazakhstan University and university and scientific research units, and in Bohai science and Technology City, Yingkou, invested and constructed the Liaoning Province glass fiber and basalt fiber research center of Liaoning Province, which covers an area of 42 thousand square meters. Research and development of smoke filter materials and test base.

      Perfect experiments and testing facilities

      Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd  is committed to taking the road of scientific development, paying attention to laboratory construction and overall R & D team ability. The inspection center has always adhered to the market demand oriented R & D route and met the customer needs with strict, professional and scientific testing methods, and strictly according to the national testing and research and development standards. Identify the product's research and development and testing.

      The test center has perfect laboratory equipment, including the TEXTEST testing equipment used by the international leading environmental protection agency, the testing equipment of Mullen company in the United States, filter efficiency and simulation test equipment, as well as the high end test of electronic fabric power machine, heat shrinkable instrument, folding meter, thickness meter, microscope and so on Equipment. And many well-known universities and research institutions have established long-term cooperative relations. It has a series of internationally advanced technology innovation products with independent intellectual property rights.

      The testing center undertakes the quality testing of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of our group company. The inspection report is scientific and effective. Our products are tested through simulation experiments, analyze the causes of filter bag damage, analyze and determine the life of filter material, and provide objective and accurate and effective analysis for customers. To provide customers with technical advisory services based on global application cases.

      The test center is making efforts to build a technical research and innovation base which integrates inspection and testing, innovative research and development, scientific and technological breakthrough, talent training, technical consultation and service. The experimental center will be built into the most authoritative and comprehensive filtering test center at the provincial level and even at the national level.

      YG020 cabinet type yarn strength machine

      Electronic fabric power machine

      Top breaking strength instrument top breaking strength instrument

      Bursting strength instrument

      Thickness meter

      Digital display fabric folding resistance

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