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      Properties of glass fiber

      Date of release:2018-06-28 Author: Click:

      Properties of glass fiber:

      The general idea of glass people is a hard and brittle object, which is not suitable for structure material, but when it is made of silk, its strength is greatly increased and has soft properties. The strength of glass fiber increases with its smaller diameter. As the reinforcing material glass fiber has the following characteristics, these characteristics make the use of glass fiber far more widely than other kinds of fiber, the development speed is also far ahead of its characteristics are listed as follows:

      Properties of glass fiber



      (1) the tensile strength is high and the elongation is small (3%).

      (2) the elastic coefficient is high and the rigidity is good.

      (3) the elongation within the elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the impact energy is large.

      (4) inorganic fibers, which are non flammable and highly resistant to chemicals.

      (5) small water absorption.

      (6) scale stability and good heat resistance.

      (7) good workability, and can be made into different forms of stock, bundle, felt and weaving.

      (8) transparent through light.

      (9) development of surface treatment agent with good resin adhesion.

      (10) the price is cheap.

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