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      Glass fiber fabric with glass fiber sewing thread

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      Fiberglass fabric

      The following is a description of all kinds of glass fabric woven with fiberglass yarns.

      (1) glass cloth made in China consists of two types of glass cloth, alkali free and medium alkali, and most of them are alkali free glass cloth. Glass cloth is mainly used to produce various electrical insulation laminates, printed circuit boards, various vehicle bodies, tanks, boats, molds and so on. Medium alkali glass cloth is mainly used for producing plastic coated cloth and used for corrosion resistant occasions. The properties of fabrics are determined by fiber properties, warp and weft density, yarn structure and textures. The latitude and longitude density is determined by the structure and the weave of the yarn. The warp and weft yarn structure determines the physical properties of fabrics, such as weight, thickness and breaking strength. There are five basic weaves: plain, twill, satin, rib and pattern.

       Glass fiber fabric with glass fiber sewing thread

      (2) the glass ribbon is divided into a selvage belt and a selvedge belt. Glass ribbons are often used in manufacturing electrical equipment parts with high strength and good dielectric properties.

      (3) unidirectional fabric unidirectional fabric is a kind of four broken satin or long axis satin fabric made of coarse warp and fine weft yarn. It is characterized by high strength on the main warp of the warp.

      (4) the three-dimensional fabric is relatively flat fabric, and its structural features have developed from one dimension to three dimensions, so that the composite material with this reinforced body has good integrity and profiling, which greatly improves the interlayer shear strength and the resistance to damage tolerance of the composite. It is developed with the special needs of the aerospace, aviation, weapons, and ships. At present, its application has been extended to the automobile, sports equipment, medical equipment and other departments. There are five main types: woven 3D fabric, three-dimensional knitted fabric, orthogonal and non orthogonal nonwoven three-dimensional fabric, three-dimensional woven fabric and other forms of three-dimensional fabric. The shape of the three-dimensional fabric is massive, columnar, tubular, hollow truncated and variable thickness section.

      (5) The shape of a special-shaped fabric is very similar to that of the product it is intended to reinforce and must be woven on a special loom. The special-shaped fabrics with symmetrical shapes include round covers, cones, caps, dumbbell-shaped fabrics, etc. They can also be made into asymmetrical shapes such as boxes and hulls.

      (6) grooved core fabric is a fabric consisting of two layers of parallel fabric with vertical vertical bars. The cross section of the fabric can be a triangle or a rectangle.

      (7)The most typical sewing fabric is a layer of warp yarn and a layer of weft overlap together, through sewing the warp yarn and weft yarn woven together into fabric. The advantages of the knitted fabric are as follows: (1) it can increase the ultimate tensile strength of the glass steel laminated products, the tensile strength and the bending strength under tension; (2) reducing the weight of the glass steel products; (3) the surface leveling makes the surface of the fiberglass smooth; (4) simplifying the hand paste operation and improving the labor productivity. This kind of reinforcing material can replace the continuous precursor felt in the pultrusion FRP and RTM, and can also replace the grid cloth in the centrifugal FRP pipe production.

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